Due Diligence Services

Reduce Risks. Lower Legal Spend.

Mounting regulatory pressures. Volatile economic conditions. Increasing amounts of data management. Now, more than ever, effective and efficient due diligence review can make or break any business transaction – and the more experienced your due diligence attorney, the greater your chances of identifying and mitigating risks.

Due diligence performed by larger firms comes with staggering costs. And this diligence function is generally relegated to the most junior and less experienced attorneys. When your legal and financial interests are at play, you need trusted and experienced counsel at the helm of the diligence process – OBI Law.

OBI Law’s rigorous due diligence support services:

Minimize Risk.

  • We bring a systematic approach to due diligence review, with quality-control mechanisms built in at each juncture. This method allows us to maximize risk identification, while minimizing costs.

Lower Spend.

  • Our due diligence review services can be deployed on a “parachute” or long-term contract basis.

Improve Quality.

  • When you outsource your due diligence review to OBI Law, you gain access to big-firm experience, boutique service and budget-friendly rates.

Due Diligence Services

OBI Law provides outsourced due diligence review services that are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our due diligence review engagements typically take on one of the following formats:

  • Deal-specific / “Parachute.” Are you up against a tight deadline that demands additional legal support? Relax. OBI Law can help. Give us a call to deploy our experienced attorneys, who will provide comprehensive support for your deal-specific engagements.
  • Contract Diligence. Need assistance with ongoing due diligence needs? We get it, and can provide our review services on a long-term rolling engagement basis. This option ensures consistency and fee predictability.

You identify the deal. OBI Law will identify the risks.