Diversity Commitment

At OBI Law, diversity is not just empty rhetoric on programs and statistics, it is an important and integral part of our culture. As a minority-owned firm, we strongly believe that diversity enhances legal and business innovation in a globally-diverse marketplace.

To this end, OBI Law is also committed to the priming of the legal pipeline with young diverse minds in several ways including, authoring diversity articles and presentations (see below); mentoring students of all levels, and working to provide law students with resources for academic success and meaningful internship opportunities.  

Diversity Consulting & Speaking Services

Over the years, OBI has been actively engaged in the development and implementation of various diversity of inclusion initiatives.  OBI has authored numerous substantive articles on and is a highly-sought after speaker on diversity issues. OBI Law leverages the depth of this expertise to offer special speaker and consulting services vis-à-vis an affiliated company.  Our Diversity Consulting & Speaking Services clients include:

  • Law firms and corporations committed to diversity and interested in improving diversity best-practices and outcomes
  • Academic institutions interested in refining recruiting and admissions processes to facilitate the admission and matriculation of larger numbers of diverse students
  • Organizations or non-profits interested in receiving guidance and assistance on how to better serve a diverse demographic or assist in advancing diversity goals and objectives
  • Government and other public municipalities interested in developing and implementing diversity and inclusion best-practices, specifically as they relate to the operation of minority supplier programs

Services Offered

Our typical Diversity Consulting & Speaking Engagements cover a full spectrum of services that generally fall into one of the three following categories:

  • Pipeline: Development of policies and programs and academic support systems and other resources aimed at helping diverse students at all levels, especially law school.
  • Recruiting: Development of policies and programs related to the recruitment, retention, promotion and professional development of our diverse lawyers
  • Retention: Development of policies, programs and innovative initiatives designed to drive minority and female hiring and retention.

To learn more about these services, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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