Counsel Concierge

Experienced Counsel. On Call.

An in-house attorney can bring significant value to your company by providing legal services tailored to meet the needs of your business. However, hiring a full-time staff member also carries significant costs – especially when legal services are only needed on a part-time basis. To help our clients gain access to the top transactional attorneys in Dallas while keeping costs down, OBI Law developed Counsel Concierge.

Counsel Concierge – The Value-add

  • Deep Bench. With our network of attorneys, OBI Law can deploy one attorney or a responsive team of experienced senior attorneys who are highly proficient in corporate law to address your matter quickly and efficiently.
  • Solid Experience. OBI Law’s unique operational structure enables us to bring a greater depth of resources and expertise to each client, with the ability to scale up support as needed – and scale down costs.
  • Reasonable, Budget-friendly Rates. OBI Law understands that every business has unique legal needs, and we will work with you to develop an engagement platform that meets your objectives, while offering competitive rates. 

You need counsel. We are your concierge. Click here to get started.