Corporate Legal Portal

Cost-efficient Legal Services for Corporate Legal Departments

Today’s corporate legal departments are tasked with more responsibilities than ever – and corporate legal budgets can’t always keep up. At OBI Law, we understand the challenges in-house legal teams face, and we are committed to finding innovative new ways to solve them. To this end, we leverage technology to make it easier for clients to access our services.


Access convenient corporate legal services fast with our easy-to-use portal. Here are a few of our most popular engagement options:
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  • Security. We take your confidentiality and security seriously. Your information will be transmitted over a secure Internet connection.
  • Cost-effective. OBI Law uses advanced technology to streamline our internal processes, thereby reducing costs and affording substantial savings to our clients. 
  • Consultation. You will receive a complimentary phone consultation with an experienced attorney as part of your portal engagement. 
  • Simple, Convenient Process. Get legal services for your business, right now. With our Corporate Legal Portal, you don’t have to wait to get in touch with a top attorney. 
  • Scalable Service. Our platform was specially designed to provide our corporate clients with a greater depth of resources and expertise for each engagement, with the ability to scale up support quickly on an as-needed basis.