Contract Management

Spend less time on laborious legal processes – and more time on core competencies.

Cost-effective Contract Management Solutions

Reduce and allocate risks. Limit liabilities. Eliminate inefficiency. Carefully worded contracts are critical to protecting your best interests – but the time required to draft and manage legally sound contract language can cut into productivity. OBI Law’s contract management solutions are customized to meet the needs of each client, regardless of size.

Well-drafted contracts require a thoughtful approach, meticulous attention to detail, in-depth legal knowledge and strict adherence to all legal requirements. At OBI Law, we have developed a structured approach to contract development and management that ensures consistency and supports our clients’ goals through every stage of the contract cycle.

In sum, whether your goals are to reduce costs by outsourcing routine contract matters, improve compliance by developing best practices, or boost productivity by streamlining contract management, OBI Law can help you D.E.A.L.

Step 1: Develop.

  • We begin by developing a comprehensive understanding of your business, your internal contract processes and strategic objectives by asking questions and listening carefully to your answers.

Step 2: Evaluate.

  • Next, we conduct a comprehensive internal evaluation and review of your current contract management model and related processes. Through this detailed evaluation, we can pinpoint areas where we may be able to help reduce costs, minimize risks or improve processes.

Step 3: Articulate.

  • Based on the insights gained in our evaluation, we will work with you to develop a customized contract management solution that meets your goals, and an appropriate engagement platform that minimizes your legal spend.

Step 4: Leverage.

  • Once our collaboratively developed platform is articulated, we will leverage our expertise and resources to execute each objective, effectively and efficiently meeting your performance obligations.

Contract Management Services

  • Form Contract Development and Management
  • General Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Contract Best Practices
  • Dispute Resolution Services

We are personally dedicated to protecting your contractual best interests. Contact us today.