Business Dispute Solutions

Entrepreneurs and startups must always remain focused on growing their businesses with surgical precision. There is no time or resources to waste on protracted and costly business disputes. This is especially true for startups and smaller businesses that generally do not have the financial or operational resources necessary to withstand prolonged and bitter disputes and court battles.

Our Dispute Methodology

OBI Law’s approach to disputes is focused on resolving them in a quick and efficient manner that does not strain vital financial resources. We do this by leveraging our expansive knowledge of business contracts – the heart of most disputes. Our goal is to help our clients resolve disputes with a keen focus on preserving relationships and minimizing business impact.

OBI "APEX Approach"

When it comes solving disputes, there is a method to our mediation. In fact, OBI Law has developed APEX – a structured approach to helping our clients prevent disputes and resolve them quickly when they inevitably arise.

When it comes to Dispute Services, here is how OBI Law can help:

  • The Dispute Checkup. Comprehensive dispute profile based on a review of core governance documents and contracts, internal processes and other aspects of the business.
  • Business Partner Disputes. Another common aspect of the entrepreneurial world is a dispute with current or prospective partners. We understand the emotional need for a quick and viable solution.
  • Commercial Disputes

Let OBI Law help you deal with your dispute today.